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WHO Classification of Tumours
WHO Classification of Tumours of the Digestive System
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Bosman FT, Carneiro F, Hruban RH, Theise ND (Eds.)
WHO Classification of Tumours of the Digestive System.
4th Edition
International Agency for Research on Cancer: Lyon 2010

C17 - Small intestine:
The number attached to each tumour is the ICD-O morphology code of the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O) [1] and the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine (http://snomed.org).
/0 benign tumours
/1 unspecified, borderline or uncertain behaviour
/2 in situ carcinomas
/3 malignant tumours.

1. Fritz A, Percy C, Jack A, Shanmuragatnam K, Sobin LH, Parkin DM, Whelan S (Eds) International Classification of Diseases for Oncology. World Health Organization: Geneva 2000

Epithelial tumors
    Premalignant lesions
        8140/0 Adenoma, NOS
            8211/0 Tubular adenoma, NOS
            8261/0 Villous adenoma, NOS
            8263/0 Tubulovillous adenoma, NOS
        8148/0 Glandular intraepithelial neoplasia, low grade
        8148/2 Glandular intraepithelial neoplasia, high grade

        8140/3 Adenocarcinoma, NOS
            8480/3 Mucinous adenocarcinoma
            8490/3 Signet ring cell carcinoma
        8560/3 Adenosquamous carcinoma
        8510/3 Medullary carcinoma, NOS
        8070/3 Squamous cell carcinoma, NOS
        8020/3 Undifferentiated carcinoma

    Neuroendocrine neoplasms
        8240/3 Neuroendocrine tumor G1 (NET G1) / Carcinoid
        8249/3 Neuroendocrine tumor G2 (NET G2)
        8246/3 Neuroendocrine carcinoma, NOS
            8013/3 Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma
            8041/3 Small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma
        8244/3 Mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinoma
        8241/3 Enterochromaffin cell (EC), serotonin-producing neuroendocrine tumour (NET)
        8683/0 Gangliocytic paraganglioma
        8153/3 Gastrinoma, malignant
        8152/1 L cell, Glucagon-like peptide-producing and PP/PYY-producing NETs
        8156/3 Somatostatinoma, malignant

Mesenchymal tumors
    8890/0 Leiomyoma, NOS
    8850/0 Lipoma, NOS
    9120/3 Angiosarcoma
    8936/1 Gastrointestinal stromal tumor, NOS
    9140/3 Kaposi sarcoma
    8890/3 Leiomyosarcoma, NOS
     Inflammatory fibroid polyp

Malignant lymphomas
    B-cell lymphomas
        9764/3 Alpha heavy chain disease
        9673/3 Mantle cell lymphoma
        9680/3 Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), NOS
        9687/3 Burkitt lymphoma
        9699/3 Extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT lymphoma)
        9680/3 B-cell lymphoma, unclassifiable, with features intermediate between diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and Burkitt lymphoma
        9690/3 Follicular lymphoma

    T-cell lymphomas
        9717/3 Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma
        9702/3 Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, (NOS)

Secondary tumours
    Secondary tumours of the small intestine