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WHO Classification of Tumours
Figure 3 Histopathology of liver and lung, and Southern blot analysis
Liver: The liver shows moderate sinusoidal infiltration with lymphoid cells and striking haemophagocytosis are detected. And the portal area shows marked lymphoid cell infiltration (a). The numerous EBV-positive lymphoid cells are detected in the sinus and portal area (b). And the almost lymphoid cells are positive for CD8 (c).
Lung: The lung shows peri-bronchial infiltration of lymphoid cells with angiocentricity and angioinvasion (d). The numerous EBV-positive lymphoid cells are detected (e).
Southern blot analysis of EBV TR: The oligo or monoclonal bands of clonal episomal form are detected. (lane 1: positive control; lane 2: negative control) (f)
Contributed by Koichi Ohshima
Koichi Ohshima
Department of Pathology,
School of Medicine, Kurume University,
Koichi Ohshima