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WHO Classification of Tumours
Perivascular epithelioid cell neoplasm


PEComas have been reported in the pancreas
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Hirabayashi K, Nakamura N, Kajiwara H, Hori S, Kawaguchi Y, Yamashita T, Dowaki S, Imaizumi T, Osamura RY (2009)
Perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEComa) of the pancreas: immunoelectron microscopy and review of the literature.
Pathol Int 59: 650-5

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Ramuz O, Lelong B, Giovannini M, Delpero JR, Rochaix P, Xerri L, Hassoun J, Flejou JF, Monges G (2005)
"Sugar" tumor of the pancreas: a rare entity that is diagnosable on preoperative fine-needle biopsies.
Virchows Arch 446: 555-9

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Zamboni G, Pea M, Martignoni G, Zancanaro C, Faccioli G, Gilioli E, Pederzoli P, Bonetti F (1996)
Clear cell "sugar" tumor of the pancreas. A novel member of the family of lesions characterized by the presence of perivascular epithelioid cells.
Am J Surg Pathol 20: 722-30

. These well-vascularized neoplasms are composed of large, clear, epithelioid smooth-muscle cells. They variably express HMB45 and smooth muscle actin, but not keratins
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Bosman FT, Carneiro F, Hruban RH, Theise ND (Eds.)
WHO Classification of Tumours of the Digestive System.
4th Edition
International Agency for Research on Cancer: Lyon 2010