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WHO Classification of Tumours
Serrated polyposis
Colon and rectum


Historically, serrated polyposis has been called hyperplastic polyposis; however, the term “serrated polyposis” is preferred, given the common presence of sessile serrated adenoma/polyp (SSA/P) in this process
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Differing criteria to define serrated polyposis have been suggested, although all are empirical and the described categories may represent different diseases. Definitions include: (1) at least five serrated polyps proximal to the sigmoid colon with two or more of these being > 10 mm; (2) any number of serrated polyps proximal to the sigmoid colon in an individual who has a first-degree relative with serrated polyposis; or (3) > 20 serrated polyps of any size, but distributed throughout the colon

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