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Acinar cell cystadenoma


Acinar cell cystadenoma is a benign cystic epithelial lesion lined by cells with morphological resemblance to acinar cells and with evidence of pancreatic exocrine enzyme production. This is a rare tumour. Cases are divided into (1) clinically recognized macroscopic lesions and (2) incidental microscopic lesions. Acinar cell cystadenomas produce variably sized cysts. Recognition of acinar differentiation by immunohistochemistry is very helpful for definitive diagnosis. All acinar cell cystadenomas reported to date have been clinically benign, and there is no evidence of malignant transformation or association with acinar cell carcinoma
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Zamboni G, Terris B, Scarpa A, Kosmahl M, Capelli P, Klimstra DS, Lam PW, Klöppel G (2002)
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. In fact, some authorities have questioned the neoplastic nature of acinar cell cystadenoma, especially of the incidental microscopic examples.