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WHO Classification of Tumours
Lymphangioma, NOS


A benign neoplasm composed of dilated lymphatic channels. Painless swelling is the usual clinical manifestation.

Oesophageal ymphangiomas vary from small mucosal lesions to pedunculated polyps and large masses that may involve surrounding structures extending into the mediastinum. Most have occurred in older adults, arising in the middle and lower third underneath an intact mucosa, and many have been characterized as cavernous lymphangiomas. Some cystic lymphangiomas of the neck in infants have involved the upper oesophagus

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Scarpis M, De Monti M, Pezzotta MG, Sonnino D, Mosca D, Milani M (1998)
Endoscopic resection of esophageal lymphangioma incidentally discovered.
Diagn Ther Endosc 4: 141-7