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WHO Classification of Tumours
Adenocarcinoma, NOS
Urinary system: Renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, urethra


Adenocarcinoma is among the most common malignant neoplasm and characterized by the presence of malignant glandular cells. Histologically, adenocarcinomas are classified depending on the growth pattern (e.g., papillary, alveolar) or according to the secreted product (e.g., mucinous, serous).
Representative examples of adenocarcinoma are ductal and lobular breast carcinoma, lung adenocarcinoma, renal cell adenocarcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, colon adenocarcinoma, and prostate adenocarcinoma.

In the urinary system, the following variants have been observed:
>Enteric adenocarcinoma
> Mucinous adenocarcinoma
> Signet ring cell carcinoma
> Clear cell adenocarcinoma