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WHO Classification of Tumours
Adenofibroma, NOS
Corpus uteri


Adenofibroma is a benign neoplasm characterized by the presence of connective tissue stroma and epithelial structures.
Uterine adenofibromas typically present as polypoid lesions with a papillary or clublike growth pattern. Dilated cystic spaces are frequently observed. Occasionally, the tumour may superficially invade the myometrium.
Uterine adenofibroma is an uncommon neoplasm. It affects most often postmenopausal patients but it may also arise in younger women. The tumour is benign, although it may recur after "polypectomy"

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Seltzer VL, Levine A, Spiegel G, Rosenfeld D, Coffey EL (1990)
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Gynecol Oncol 37: 427-31

. Metastases have not been reported
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