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WHO Classification of Tumours
Syringoma, NOS


Syringomatous adenoma of the breast is a benign, locally invasive tumour arising in the nipple/areolar region and characterized by sweat duct differentiation. The tumour presents as a firm, ill defined nodule measuring 1-3 cm. Histologically, it is composed of nests, branching cords and tubules of mostly bland epithelial cells. Small keratinous cysts pervade the nipple stroma, which is usually sclerotic. Mitoses are rare, necrosis is absent.
Syringomatous adenoma of the nipple is rare with only few reported cases. Patients range in age from 11 to 67 years (average 40 years). The tumour does not metastasize, but local recurrences may occur. Recommended treatment is excision with generous margins

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