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WHO Classification of Tumours
Adenoma of nipple


Adenoma of nipple is a benign neoplasm arising from the nipple. It is characterized by compact aggregates of small tubules around the collecting ducts of the nipple. The tubules are lined by epithelial and myoepithelial cells. The designation nipple adenoma comprises several lesions with different, sometimes overlapping morphological features:
> The majority of cases are characterized by a classical adenosis pattern, with sclerosis and/or pseudoinvasive features, sclerosing papillomatosis, and infiltrative epitheliosis.
> Another group of lesions show epithelial hyperplasia (papillomatosis) / epitheliosis of the collecting ducts.
> The third group comprises lesions characterized by a combination of epithelial hyperplasia and sclerosing adenosis.
Nipple adenoma is a rare tumour. It occurs in adults of all age groups. Occasional cases have been reported in men. Patients most frequently present with sanguinous or serous nipple discharge, sometimes also with erosion of the nipple. The tumour may recur after incomplete excision

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