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WHO Classification of Tumours
Oxyphilic adenocarcinoma


Oxyphilic or oncocytic adenocarcinoma is a rare breast carcinoma composed to >70% of oncocytic cells. Oncocytes, or "swollen cells", are characterized by a cytoplasm occupied to 60% by diffusely dispersed mitochondria. Oncocytic adenocarcinomas have defined, circumscribed borders and vary from glandular to solid. The neoplastic cells have round to ovoid nuclei with a conspicuous nucleolus; the cytoplasm is filled with small eosinophilic granules. Mitoses are infrequent.
Only a few cases of oncocytic adenocarcinoma have been reported; all patients were older than 60 years

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. More studies are necessary to allow for a meaningful discussion of prognosis
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