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WHO Classification of Tumours
Tubular adenoma, NOS


Tubular adenoma is a slow-growing, benign adnexal neoplasm with apocrine differentiation. It typically arises on the scalp; less commonly affected sites include legs, trunk, axillary and anogenital areas. Tubular adenomas present as asymptomatic, skin-coloured to pink-red, well-circumscribed solitary nodules measuring 1-2cm (rare cases up to 7cm). The tumour develops in the dermis and may extend into subcutaneous tissue. The tumour architecture is lobular; the lobules consist of tubular structures with a two- or multi-layered epithelial lining and are typically encased by a fibrous stroma. The overlying epidermis may be hyperplastic.
Tubular adenomas affect a broad age group and show a predilection for women. Tubular apocrine adenomas are cured by simple excision

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