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WHO Classification of Tumours
Syringoma, NOS


Syringomas are common benign sweat gland neoplasms. The lesions are small (1-3 mm in diameter) and almost always multiple. They present as numerous firm, smooth, dome-shaped papules in the upper reticular dermis. The tumour papules are composed of numerous solid nests, cords, and tubules of epithelial cells surrounded by a densely sclerotic stroma. The epithelial aggregates branch and anastomose. The tumour papules may become confluent.
Syringomas arise most frequently on the lower eyelids, followed by the upper cheeks. Less commonly affected sites are neck, chest, axillae, pubic area, periumbilical region, penis, vulva, hands and forehead.
Syringomas affect women more frequently than men and have a predilection for Asians. They usually develop in adolescence and early adulthood. The majority of cases are sporadic. Syringomas are benign tumours; progression to carcinoma has not been reported

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