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WHO Classification of Tumours
Sweat gland adenocarcinoma


Sweat gland adenocarcinoma (hidradenocarcinoma) is a slow-growing adnexal neoplasm and the malignant counterpart of hidradenoma . The tumour is composed of one or several dermal or subcutaneous nodules and typically displays apocrine differentiation. Tubular and ductal structures may be present focally. Necrosis en masse is a common feature. The epithelium overlying the lesion may be ulcerated. Hidradenocarcinoma may occur in any area of the body. Most cases arise de novo, but occasionally the tumour is associated with a hidradenoma.
The mean age of patients is 50 years; the tumour seems to affect women slightly more often than men. Hidradenocarcinoma has a tendency to metastasize widely and result in death

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