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WHO Classification of Tumours
Carcinosarcoma, NOS
Liver and intrahepatic bile ducts


A malignant tumor composed of a mixture of carcinomatous and sarcomatous elements. Genetic analyses indicate that these are monoclonal tumours with digergent lines of differentiation. These neoplasms are currently understood to be carcinomas that have undergone sarcoma-like differentiation (sarcomatoid carcinoma). The sarcomatoid component represents clonal evolution from the differentiated component (hepatocellular or cholangiocarcinoma). Morphology varies from spindled to epithelioid and pleomorphic. Mitotic rate is usually high, and atypical mitoses are frequent. These are clinically aggressive tumours with a poor prognosis
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Bosman FT, Carneiro F, Hruban RH, Theise ND (Eds.)
WHO Classification of Tumours of the Digestive System.
4th Edition
International Agency for Research on Cancer: Lyon 2010